To meet the pressing requirements of a rapidly growing customer base, Little Rose General Trading LLC trades and supplies a wide variety of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.Intimately acquainted with the production processes, Little Rose General Trading LLC is able to offer practical advice as to the most appropriate metal for any particular application and the most economic geographical sources of supply. This is supplemented by expert and exceedingly qualified guidance on the most cost effective grades for specific use.
Our traders are specialized in sourcing and providing best rates for all Base Metals such as:
  Metal Main origin
Aluminium Australia, CIS, Latin America, Middle & Far East, South Asia
Copper Africa, Australia, CIS. Europe. Latin America, North America Southeast Asia
Lead Australia, China, CIS, Europe, Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia
Nickel Canada, CIS, Europe, Latin America
Tin Africa, Far East, Latin America
Zinc Australia, CIS. Europe Far East, Latin America